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Here the Waltz Rhythm View a list of Waltz Songs See Video of basic Waltz step
Waltz Timing: 1,2,3,1,2,3 or 1,2,3,4,5,6
In a large part this dance is known because of the ever popular term "Wedding Waltz". Though you will hear a Waltz rhythm or two on most any modern artist's CD, the songs most often chosen as wedding dances are many times not the 3/4 timing required to dance the waltz.
Additional Steps: [progressive pattern] [waltz turn]
The Waltz is a *Heel Lead The basic Waltz step is called the Box and is literally walking to the music. Just as if you were marching in place, start with the left foot and march, then slowly work into the waltz rhythm and pattern.

his animation shows the foot pattern while the diagram below demonstrates why the step is called the "Box" step. Both diagrams display the exact step, only viewed differently.
See step *below


Box Pattern..
This diagram is the same with the exception of the red box to show that the foot pattern you are making is literally a square or "box".



Progression Step..
his step is a progressional waltz pattern, it is good to practice it forward and back.You'll notice that it starts like the basic box but on step 4, when you'd normally go back, you will instead go forward..then side and together. You will then begin the box again and either take it forward on step four, or decide to do the standard box and step back then side together.


Waltz Turn..
This step calls for you to hold the timing on the second step. (Men)After you take step number one, you will pull your right food towards your left but not set down the weight. You will count "2,3" then with the same foot (right) you will step back for the count of (1), turn your self one quarter for your side step (2), and close (3) Men, don't forget, the woman is in front of you and stepping back as you step forward, she then pauses with you, then steps toward you as you step back then side and together. If you make the "back side together" portion to large, she will have a hard time keeping in front of you to complete the turn.

Women, make sure that after your initial back step, you then step forward as a heel first (as if your walking). Every other step is a toe or *ball lead.




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